About Keystone Landfill
Keystone Landfill is a state-of-the-art municipal solid waste disposal facility that continuously utilizes the best available technology in every facet of its daily operation. A proactive Environmental Management System (EMS) was put in place several years ago as a cornerstone of Keystone’s operation and mission. This system proved to be the key ingredient in propelling Keystone to becoming the first ISO 14001 certified landfill in the United States.

ISO 14001 is a globally recognized International Standard for Environmental Management. Policies and procedures are in place at Keystone to address all environmental aspects and impacts. Keystone’s EMS requires independent compliance audits and continuous improvements in all areas are expected in order to maintain this prestigious accomplishment. ISO 14001 Certification represents a major commitment by the landfill to ensure a healthy, safe and environmentally sound waste disposal facility.

Currently, there are a number of unique programs in place that demonstrate Keystone’s commitment to a cleaner, safer environment. For example, Keystone has two, long term agreements with separate independent contractors for beneficial usage of the methane gas generated from the landfill. This gas is converted to electricity and used by nearby communities as a major power source. Also, the waste water treatment facility is equipped with an ammonia stripper which significantly minimizes the possibility of fugitive odors. Keystone has a history of being a good neighbor and consistently goes beyond regulatory and host community requirements to maintain this relationship.

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